Gay Wide Webmasters FAQ

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Signature + Posting Rules

1. Signatures - limited to 3 lines of text and a 120x60 button. More than that just takes up way too much space and comes off as spamming as well as slowing down the forum load speed. Our moderators will be ensuring this rule is followed on a regular basis.

2. No personal attacks on anyone - Heated debates are fine but, attack ideas NOT people. Start to personally attack someone and your posting privileges will be pulled without warning, we're all here to do the same thing, make money.

3. Promoting your content, program, scripts ect. is not allowed in the general forums unless, it is in direct response to a request for information. We have other places you can post such promotions, like the announcement board and we do move announcements from that forum in to the general forum if they are genuinely newsworthy.

4. We expect everyone to be professional in their posts, and also to be respectful and honest. If you cannot do that, then this is probably not the community for you.

5. If you fly a 120x60 button in your signature, it would be appreciated if you can put a link to GWW on the site you are promoting. The added benefit of doing this is that you can also get your site listed on the GWW Resource Directory and get even more traffic back from GWW that's a win-win situation for everyone

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