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Thread: Reliable Website Redirection

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    Reliable Website Redirection

    Reliable Website Redirection.

    A PHP Redirect automatically transfers a web user from one URL to another. For example, typing in the browser automatically transfers the user to another URL

    The PHP Redirect command.

    header("location: [some-url]");

    Replace [some-url] with the URL where you want the redirection to take place.

    For example,

    header("location: ./version2/index.html");
    =>redirect to "index.html" page in subfolder called "version2"

    =>redirect to a website called

    If PHP is not available, it's also possible to use other redirects:

    * HTTP Redirects
    <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="[time]; URL=[some-url]">

    Replace [time] with seconds. This will pause the browser for the specified number of seconds. Replace [some-url] with the target URL you want to redirect.

    For example,
    <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="5; URL=">

    The above HTTP based redirect needs to be in the <header></header> region of the HTML code.

    JavaScript Redirects

    <script language=javascript>
    setTimeout("location.href='[some-url]'", [time]);

    Replace [time] with milliseconds. This will pause the browser for the specified number of seconds. Replace [some-url] with the target URL you want to redirect.

    For example,
    setTimeout("location.href=''", 5000);

    The above JavaScript based redirect can be either in the <header></header> or <body></body> region of the HTML code.

    Usually a PHP redirect is much more reliable than other form of redirects like HTTP redirect or JavaScript based redirects. For example a JavaScript redirect may not work if a user's browser settings has JavaScript turned off.

    The reason why PHP redirects will work no matter what settings users have on their browser is because PHP is server side script. It will not depend on browser settings that may affect JavaScript which is parsed on the client-side/user-side.

    Article written by Lee.

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    Redirecting a websites depends on many aspects and the simplest way is to use the server control panel to do so. Also changing the name servers sometimes is the most viable solution.

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