I think you would be surprised at the number of times I have been asked, "What's a Twink?" Or my, personal, favorite "So how do two men have sex?"

If you know me, you know I am never really bothered by questions - I never mind people's candor. What does bother me, though, is the bulk of the people who ask are trying to work the gay market. Unsuccessfully, I might add.

So, let's expand our webmaster knowledge. Don't worry, I am not about to explain how two men have sex (that I will save for my story site LOL)

I have decided, however, to give you a Gay Glossary of sorts. There are many terms that can be included here. But, I thought to start off, we will hit the basics and add to it as time goes on. Keep an eye for future articles and additions on Gay Wide Webmasters.

Here is a list of the most common terms on the Gay Adult 'net:


A buff and lean young man; a 20 something. Age and leanness make the guy a twink. The best example is your typical bar room stripper.


This is the same thing as in EVERY market, hot young and under twenty – but LEGAL at 18.


Beautiful, built and beefcake. The guys commonly posing for calendars and such.

Chubs (or chubby)

Just what it sounds like, a larger man. Not just muscular weight, most often heavy set.

This is a HAIRY man. Not a young guy, most often over thirty, sometimes with a husky build (but not always). You will probably see this niche sold as "Real Men".


This is a YOUNG hairy guy. Sort of a HAIRY TWINK…


Daddies are men over thirty, who like younger guys. (Just a side note here to clear up some misconceptions, not all gay men want to do young guys!)


The young male counterparts to Daddies. The young of the two can be a twink, cub or teen – makes no difference. This term is based on the visual couple. For our non-gay friends think of this as an example: the businessman who goes away for the weekend with his NEICE. See the comparison? LOL


Is a man who dresses as a woman. Whether it is simple underwear or all our female attire. A lot of webmasters confuse this with Transsexual.


Is a person who has decided to make the complete change and have a sex change.

Trans Gender

This is a more general term for people who live life as the opposite sex. They are in the process of, or have completed, a sex change.

So know go have some fun. Try to classify your friends and lovers in these terms! I enjoy it when a webmistress comes up to me and says, "I heard your interview and I think my husband is a bear. But he's a little twink-ish. What do you think?" This just makes my day! I have to laugh at the look on their husband's face when they think I'm going to ask to examine them or something. "Turn you head and cough – OH! You're a Twink…"

Along with what works, I have to offer some terms that DO NOT work. If used incorrectly or out of context, then your attempt at marketing to gay men can be dreadful.


I hate this word, personally. This is a word that is as derogatory to the Gay Community as other words are to a race.

Nancy Boy

A typically non-US term that basically is used as a derogatory manner.

Lil Boys

A derogatory term used primarily in the Southern and Mid-Western US. It's derived from the negative connotation that gay men are pedophiles.

Gay Owned and Operated.

Allow me to be blunt - If it is not true, do not say it. This is probably the most OVER used phrase in the gay adult market. So much so, it is relatively meaningless today.

We all need to remember from time to time, the key to success in any business is knowledge. Whether you are up selling to a sponsor or designing sites, knowing some of the more common terminology in the gay community can only help your ventures in the gay adult market. And remember, do not be afraid to try and NEVER be afraid to ask.

As always, good luck!

Article written by Gary-Alan.