Many webmasters realize what the different 'fetishes' the surfers have are but, how many of us realize these are actually niches and, how many of realize that these niches can be broken down into smaller sub niches of the particular fetish the surfer is looking for?

Lets take an example of say, the 'lesbian' niche.

Of course we all know what the lesbian niche entails, two women getting naked with each other right? Wrong.

There is much more to it than that, for example, obviously lesbian sites appeal to, well, they appeal to guys who want to fantasize about getting it on with two women but, what about the female surfers? Sure, some women probably join lesbian paysites too.

That's one 'sub-niche' of lesbian right there, this can be broken down even further though for examples, Ebony Lesbians, Teenage Lesbians, Mature Lesbians, the list goes on and on and on.

So how do we choose a niche to market in adult?

The first and foremost thing you should try when choosing 'your' niche is to try something that either excites you or, appeals to you in a non sexual manner, if you are into Lesbian Midgets getting it on, then start off with that for your niche.

Likewise, if guys getting down and dirty is the thing that floats your boat, choose that as your niche, you should already know enough about the niche you choose primarily to be able to sell something to the surfer. If it excites you, it will more than likely excite a surfer and result in a sale.

Of course, the above statement isn't always true, I know plenty of straight webmasters who market the gay niche VERY successfully, they have found a method that works for them and developed their business from there it probably wasn't easy at the start but, nothing easy will make you the 'real' money that there is in adult.

You need to experiment, constantly adapt and change the way you do business, if you try something and it doesn't work, ask yourself why, what could you have changed that might have made a difference and, instead of changing it on the first site you built, change it on your next one, that way, even though it may not work at this moment in time, you will no doubt find it will work at a later date just as you will find that something that works well for you now may not work at all later on in your business career.

Once you have mastered a general niche you should then think about trying some of the sub niches that are available to you, there is more to teen than than just cute teenage girls lying naked on a bed and getting screwed rotten by some guy. just as you saw there was more to the lesbian niche above.

Take your sponsors tour for ideas, often you will notice things that spark some though and, once you have that spark, you should ensure it develops into a flame.

Even something as simple as a tattoo on a model or a piercing can be the tart of a whole new niche, look at the things that other webmasters may not be, just because there isn't a proliferation of teenage pierced lesbian sites, doesn't mean that someone doesn't want to join one and, who knows, that weird sexual fetish you build a site for now may become popular in 6 months time.

Basically, what I am trying to say is that as adult webmasters we need to investigate all aspects of the niche we want to or, currently do market, just because a surfer comes to the front page of a lesbian site, doesn't mean that they wont also be interested in an ebony site, its all down to how we market our sponsors paysites as webmasters.

Article written by Lee.