Its a little known marketing technique that say that, as long as the longest side on any oblong is 1.6 times the length of the shortest side of the same oblong people will be more likely to prefer that shape over any other shape.

Why do they prefer this size? Because it occurs naturally and, subconsciously EVERY LIVING PERSON is attracted to this trait.

An example of this is as follows:

1) Stand Up
2) Measure the distance from your head to your feet and write this measurement down
3) Measure the distance from your Navel write this figure down.

The length of your ENTIRE body is 1.6 times longer than from your Navel to your feet!!

The same is also true for the length of your arm from shoulder to finger tip, then from elbow to finger tip.

The same is true for credit cards, the longest side is 1.6 times longer than than the shorter side!

Think about this for a second, banner ads, what shape are they? Oblong except, they don't employ the 'golden ratio' what if, just what if, you used some banner ads that employed this 'golden ratio' who says banners have to be 468x60 in size?

Why not try making some 'basic' banners in paint or a decent graphics program utilizing the 1.6 rule and see if your click thru's increase, personally, I will bet my earnings last month that they will.

On the same way of thinking towards marketing, table ads, money bars, etc, why not incorporate this idea into them also? It cant hurt and who knows it may just work.

the math to work this 'golden ratio' out is as follows for Image a above:

shortest side (60) x 1.6 = (90) Longest side

You don't even need to be a genius to make your own ads using this method as the people at Microsoft supplied you with a calculator.

Article written by Lee.