Full page ad's can be used for more than just 'adverts' in fact, there is a wide and varied range of uses for them, below I have detailed some of the uses that I have tried in the past and from my experience, they seem to work well enough.
Creating A 'Hub' Site - By interlinking FPA's together in a range of niches and, offering your surfers a money bar linking to other FPA's in different niches, you can actually get some good rankings in the SE's and, if you utilize banner exchanges or counters on your FPA 'hub' site you can also ensure you get a fair amount of additional traffic. One thing I like to do with my FPA hub is use it as the 'exit' page when a surfer leaves one of my sites. This ensures that I am getting optimum traffic for my time spent a) building sites and B) building my hub.

A lot of people I have spoken to about 'hub' sites simply forget about them once they have been built, personally, I do not see the point in doing this, if you build something like this why not send your exit, top list, counter, banner exchange traffic to the first page of your 'hub'?

Doorway Pages.

FPA's also make exceptional SE doorway pages, by optimizing your image names, meta tags and text on the individual FPA's you are not only ensuring they WILL get ranked by the SE's but, if you 'hub' them together as explained above you will also get some premium listings from them.

Filter Pages.

What I learnt to do early on is rather than send my surfers directly to the sponsors using the 'standard' linking codes is to send them first to an FPA with a money bar (or table ad) on it, this way, if they click the link in error and not realize that they are going to a pay site, you can give them an option, not only to use their 'back' button but also, to go to a different niche or, to continue into the sponsors tour. Now that you can link directly to a specific tour page on ARS sites, this method is a good way to give your surfers a 'fresh' tour front page.

PPC Listings.

An FPA is an ideal way to get sites listed in the PPC engines, not only do you show the surfers EXACTLY what is in the site they have just clicked on but, you also have the added option of being able to utilize blur consoles and exit consoles on them.

One other thing that I will mention, is that often, you will find that FPA's that you have made yourself, no matter how 'amateur' looking they are will work better than the 'pretty' sponsor built FPA's.

Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas on how you can better utilize FPA's and not just use them in the same manner as every other adult site on the internet. If you have some good results from using FPA's in this manner feel free to post about it on the ARSR Support forums and likewise, if you can think of any additional uses that have not been mentioned here let us know on the forums.

Article written by Lee.