I thought i would spend a little time to let you guys in on a little something i like to call the SEO Pyramid Scheme

Basically, we all know the importance of targeting specific keywords and phrases however, this isn't necessarily the easiest of things to do until now...

Lets take a simple free site as our example, We know we have to have Meta Tags, Descriptions, Alt Texts and Body text on our site but how do we keep this all in within the theme of our site and, more importantly, how do we make sure we target as much of our niche traffic as needed? Actually the process itself is a simple one that has been around for many years however, very few people make good use of it.

So we have our free site all ready and waiting to be optimized for the search engines the first thing we need to do is take a look at our sites content (read as images) and make a short mental description of them so for example, if we have a teen site the pictures may be of a 'blonde sexy teen model wearing stockings'.

That description is the basis for our keyword pyramid.

We now have to construct our pyramid based on that brief description so we start o break it down word by word for example:


That is our primary layer in the pyramid already completed, not so hard really was it

Now comes our second level in our SEO pyramid:

Blonde Sexy
Sexy Teen
Teen Model
Model Stockings

As you can see from this we now have our secondary layer of the pyramid all worked out onto our tertiary layer:

Blonde Sexy Teen
Sexy Teen Model
Teen Model Stockings

Now we have our tertiary layer for our pyramid we can continue this for further layer like this:

Blonde Sexy Teen Model
Sexy Teen Model Stockings

Again, we can break this down one more level like this:

Blonde Sexy Teen Model Stockings

We now have 5 layers to our pyramid.

The next stage is to incorporate these layers into both your Meta Tags and, more importantly you body text.

Take each layer in turn and, where possible include one line from each later into each portion of our HTML code from the Meta Tags, Alt Tags, Main Body Text, Hyperlink Text and, Image File Names.

By working through each layer of this SEO pyramid at a time you will not only discover keyword rich phrases that you could otherwise be missing out on in the search engines but, you will give your sites a theme making your chances of being listed for the correct search terms even better.

Article written by Lee.