One of the most popular ways for getting traffic to sites these days is to submit galleries to TGP's and because it is so popular there is a lot of competition for getting listed. If you like, it is a buyer's (TGP's) market, with the supply of galleries exceeding the demand. For example, at Richard's Realm we only list about 60% of the galleries submitted and that's after we've filtered out unwanted free hosts, free email addresses and submission bots. If we didn't do that we would be listing about 20%-30% of all submissions.

Before you begin

Submitting to TGP's is a numbers game. It's all about volume and percentages. The amount of money your gallery generates can be estimated using a formula with 4 elements:

Total Hits To Gallery X Click Through Ratio X Signup Ratio X $ Per Signup = Total Revenue

So, for example, 1 in 25 surfers to your gallery clicks on a banner or a link, you use a sponsor paying $30 a signup and you have a 1:400 signup ratio with them from your TGP traffic. The formula then becomes:

Total Hits To Gallery X 4% X 0.25% X $30 = Total Revenue

You can see now that the only thing remaining that will affect your Total Revenue is the Total Hits To Gallery. If you increase the Total Hits To Gallery the Total Revenue will also increase.
Of course, experienced TGP submitters also know that you can work on improving the other elements of the formula to improve Total Revenue. They tweak their galleries and change banner and link placement to maximize the Click Through Ratio. If it is improved and rises from 1 in 25 (4%) to 1 in 20 (5%), their Total Revenue increases overall by 20%.

Building the gallery

Examine the formula above and you will see that two elements can be manipulated at the gallery building stage: Click Through Ratio and Signup Ratio.
It is always said, and surprisingly often overlooked, but select a sponsor for a gallery which complements the gallery's content. For example, if you build a big tits gallery use a big tits sponsor. With more and more TGP's becoming categorized people surfing the big tits category will be looking for bit tits and are more likely to be interested in a big tits sponsor!

In addition, be sure to use sponsors which are not overly-used, sponsors which are little known. If you go through a TGP you will see the same sponsors and banners showing up all the time. If a surfer sees a banner 10 times they are only going to click on it the once. So even if you build the perfect gallery with top notch banner placement and pictures, if the surfer clicked on the same banner on the previous gallery they're not going to click on yours!

Selecting TGP's

There are hundreds of TGP's you can submit to. It is usually advantageous to select TGP's that only post your type of gallery, as well as the more generic ones. For example, submit to TGP's which only list big tit galleries or galleries with one-legged midget lesbians (if that's your niche). The more targeted traffic will usually result in better click-through ratios and better signups, especially if you're using a new or little-known sponsor for the particular niche.

TGP's with a moderate level of traffic that send a few hundred hits tend to be quite good. Admittedly, to get any real volume you need to submit to quite a few, but consider using TGSW to do the bulk of it. My reasoning for using the smaller TGP's is that they tend to list fewer pages and the surfers tend to be less "professional" and adept at dodging banners.

Submitting your gallery

There are no real tricks to this bit, but it is very important to remember that TGP's usually get far more submissions than they need or want. You must try your best not to give them a reason to reject your gallery:

Read the rules carefully and follow them. The TGP webmaster doesn't put them there for fun and if you break them it's possible you will be blacklisted.
Look at the galleries already listed on the TGP to get some idea of what the webmaster likes.
Don't try to be smart and use different names and email addresses to avoid the per webmaster submission limits. Although galleries can look very different, reviewers have a good memory and can often recognize designs, layouts and descriptions. If they spot you trying to cheat you'll probably end up getting blacklisted.
Take a look at their TGP and see what kind of description they like, Adult Buffet have very different descriptions to Richards-Realm. This might not determine whether or not you get listed, but it's a chance to get a good description of your choice and, hopefully, more hits.
Select the right category for your gallery. If you submit your gallery to the "Teens" category and it should be in the "Mature Women" category it will get put there or rejected. If you get the gallery listed in the wrong category you may get more hits, but if a surfer is expecting a nice young lady in the pictures he's just going to hit his back button and look at the next gallery in the list - probably not even giving your banners a chance to load.
Monitoring your gallery

Once you've submitted your gallery you should keep an eye on how it performs. View the stats to see who listed you, how many hits they sent and how much you made from the gallery. It is even worthwhile to create galleries dedicated to specific TGP's, so you can monitor their performance even more closely. If a TGP sends lots of hits but no signups it's probably worth no longer submitting to them or changing the gallery to see if you can improve the click throughs or signups. Compare before and after stats if you make changes in the gallery layout or sponsor to see if they're working.

Whatever you do keep tweaking and monitoring your galleries to get the best possible performance for each of the elements in the revenue formula.

Article written by Richard for.