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    Search Engine Optimization

    One of the trendiest takes on Internet marketing these days seems to be the notion that securing top search engine rankings "no longer works." Where it started, I have no idea.

    But rarely does a week go by when I don't see one or more Internet marketing "experts" claiming that search engine positioning is largely a waste of time and should not be a primary focus of Website owners.

    Well, as the saying goes, "there are two sides to every story."

    But let's not make this article about my side, or your side, or anyone else's side. Let's forget about my opinion and other "expert's" opinions and stick to the indisputable facts, as reported by highly credible third party sources:

    According to a Forrester Research Media Field Study, getting a loyal audience in the first place is best done by Search Engine Placement.

    According to a GVU Users Survey, 84.8% of Internet users use Search Engines to find Websites.

    In a study released by ActivMedia Research in September 1999, Search Engine Positioning was ranked as the #1 Website promotional method used by eCommerce sites.

    And look what I just found in the April 2000 issue of Target Marketing Magazine.
    "Top Ways Websites are Discovered"

    Banner ads: 1%

    Targeted email: 1.2%

    TV spots: 1.4%

    "By accident": 2.1%

    Magazine ads: 4.4%

    Word-of-mouth: 20%

    Random Surfing: 20%

    Search Engines: 46%

    You've now seen the numbers and know that search engine promotion is very much alive and kicking. But let's take this a step further. Let's talk about the *quality* of prospects coming to your Website through search engines as opposed to other advertising mediums.

    Every time your potential customers use the search engines, they qualify themselves as *hot prospects* by conducting searches on keywords that are directly related to your product or service. Their choice of keywords is proof that they have a genuine interest in what you offer. These people spend their valuable time exploring the search engines for your type of product or service.

    Think About That.

    They didn't stumble upon one of your ads, or wander past a hyperlink to your site. And they didn't get a banner ad thrown in their face. They made the *decision* to actively search the keywords that brought them to YOUR Website. And when they get there, they are ready and willing to do business with you. At the very least, they're seriously considering it and, that's the most powerful sales tool you can have!

    But merely getting your Website "indexed" or listed in the search engines is not enough. In order to get any significant traffic from the search engines, your Website must be listed within the top 30 search results (preferably the top 20).

    Very rarely will anyone look beyond the first 30 results returned from a search. This makes perfect sense because the most relevant sites are always listed at the top. So if your prospect doesn't find what they want within the first 20 to 30 listings, they'll simply do a new search.

    If your site falls anywhere below the 30th listing, you don't stand a chance against anyone in the TOP-20. Hence, it should be your goal to achieve Top 20 positions.

    How Do You Get Your Website Listed In The Top 20?

    1) You can attempt to gain these Top 20 rankings yourself. However, this can easily become a full time job. (I think this is why so many marketers advise against focusing on search engine positioning.)

    2) You can hire a reputable company who can achieve AND maintain your Top 20 rankings for you (be sure they guarantee their service and have several verifiable clients that currently have multiple Top 20 rankings).

    3) You can do nothing at all. But as you've seen from the third party statistics referenced above, search engine positioning is something you can't afford to ignore.

    Whatever choice you make, I hope that your eyes have been opened to the tremendous profit potential that exists with top search engine placement.

    Article written by Lee.

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    To gain the website ranking in the search results and ultimately improve the revenues from your website you can make use of SEO techniques. Always keep in mind to hire the best SEO professionals for great services.

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    To get the site ranking inside the serp's and also in the long run improve the profits from a web page you can create using SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING tactics. Always remember to engage the top SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING authorities regarding great products and services.

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    I think a lot of people fail when they specifically focus on only a small selection of high-competition keywords. I have gained dominance in a couple of niches thanks to the use of long-tail terms, and without any linking or even trying too hard. The problem comes when making sales from that content, and whether there is enough of a market share to get you a sustainable income.

    You might sell blue widgets, but so do three corporations who already dominate. Some people stick to desperately trying to rank against those corporations, when they would be better creating content for "blue widgets with flanges" or "dark blue widgets in America". Then it's simply a matter of having enough pages and items to sell.

    For instance, I have no chance of ranking in position one for Fleshlights, the competition is insane and already completely dominated by other larger companies with massive advertising budgets. But, Fleshjack is a smaller market, and I can target long-tail keywords in the whole product range gaining a higher position for those looking for a specific item rather than a range.

    Backing up a product page with considerable pages of reviews and other information can also boost the position of the product against competitors.
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    Thanks for bringing up long-tail words. I'll give it a try. When typing in keywords on blogs, the first impulse is that they should be short... and when the blog form says the separator is a space, then how does hyphenating truly work??

    Can you just string a bunch of nouns and adjectives together?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickbaer View Post
    Thanks for bringing up long-tail words. I'll give it a try. When typing in keywords on blogs, the first impulse is that they should be short... and when the blog form says the separator is a space, then how does hyphenating truly work??

    Can you just string a bunch of nouns and adjectives together?
    This may be hard to prove and harder to believe, but you have to see it work first. Try this:
    Choose a four word long-tail, and do the search. Take note of the results.
    Then do different combinations of the four words you used. Take note of the results.

    Try to do maybe six different combinations of the same four keywords. Then decide for yourself:
    if the results do not change, meaning that the results are exactly the same, then there's your answer.

    However, if you try the long tail keywords enclosed in parentheses, the results should change and should not be exact. However, the results should be approximately the same as those without any parentheses.

    The parentheses tell the search engine to use the exact wording and arrangement of words. So the real question is what long-tail keywords you should use? And why?

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    Thanks for the explanation of how to create long-tail words. In the old days, 1995, we used to use Quote marks to force a search engine to using exactly what was inside the Quotes... but I see how Parentheses would work, since Parens are used in PHP and Javascript (and probably every other language) to define arguments and calculations.


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    SEO is the process of influencing the visibility of a website in a search engine's natural or un-paid search results. The earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page) and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more website click it will receive from the search engine's users. SEO can target different kinds of search including image search, local search etc.

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    Thanks for posting this.

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