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Thread: Social Networking - You Built It But They Didn't Come.

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    Social Networking - You Built It But They Didn't Come.

    Lots of webmasters in the adult industry today are taking a serious look at social networking as a traffic generation tool for both their own sites, and those of their sponsors however, as many have started to find out over the past 12-18 months, starting a social network and making it popular isn't as easy as it sounds. This brief article will hopefully give you some ideas on marketing practices you can put in to effect in order to give your new social network a much needed boost in traffic and users.

    Social Networks - What Are They?

    Social networks are interactive sites where surfers can congregate en mass and talk about themselves, their friends, other network members in addition to talking to their friends and other network members about topics of interest to them, for many in the adult industry, social networking simply means talking about, sharing and making money from porn.

    You Have A Social Network - What Next?

    So lets jump a few steps and say you are reading this article because you already have a social network that you want to grow or, you are thinking about starting a social network but aren't sure how to grow it once you have it developed and online, the first thing you need to consider is your audience and more importantly, where you are going to find your traffic.

    Generating Social Networking Traffic.

    So you need traffic in order for your site to grow but, in order to get the traffic you must already have something of value to offer your networks users, there are several places you can start building traffic to your network and for the most part, they aren't that much different to traffic building methods we already use on our sites...

    MySpace - If you have a MySpace account, simply using this to feed traffic from your MySpace profile to your social network is a great step, especially if you have several friends already listed. The added benefit is that any updates or announcements you have about your network, you can post on your MySpace profile and get addition traffic each time you update your MySpace account.

    Message Boards - They aren't just for sig whoring. Talk to people on the various adult industry message boards, let them know you are trying to build a social network and tell them what this means to them if they sign up in terms of new traffic and sales, more often than not, simply asking for help will not only lead to new members in your social network but will also mean these new members will tell their friends about your site, building you a larger base of word-of-mouth traffic.

    Link Exchanges - If you know of other porn related social networks, contact the owners of these sites and as to do link trades with them, place a link to their network on your front page in exchange for a link to your front page on their social network.

    YouTube - Upload a video to YouTube with a watermarked url to your social networking site on it. Every time the video gets downloaded, your URL will be seen and you'll attract traffic to your social network.

    Contests - Offer a small prize to the existing members of your social network for referring new members, perhaps a $50 gift voucher for the person that refers the most new members each month, contests are a great cost effective way of building not only a member base, but also site loyalty.

    Asking Your Friends - Not only those friends you have in the adult industry, the friends you have outside of porn, ask them to signup and create an account, ask them to tell their friends about the site, again, word of mouth marketing is one of the best types of traffic you can get, get a referral through word of mouth and you are doing something right.

    So Now We Have The 'Traffic' Generation Down - Where Is The Money?

    Social networks are a totally different breed of site to what many adult webmasters are used to and for this reason, a lot of social networks fail within the first few months, you simply cant throw up banners to your sponsors and expect people to join the sites, you need to be ingenious about the types of sponsors you use and, more importantly, how the sponsors payout.

    There are several systems similar to Googles AdSense that will allow you to publish ads on your social network and make money each time one is clicked however, better still, you should be on the lookout for sponsors that offer you a good CPM impression payout, there are a few out there and they do payout. You should also look for non-adult products that you can use on your social network, for example Evidence Wipe from Condom Cash or an underwear sponsor, a lot of times adult webmasters get stuck with the thought they have to sell 'porn' on their adult social networking site, they don't.

    Adult Social Networks - Recap.

    Starting a new social network might seem like a great idea in your head, or even on paper however, knowing what is involved in driving traffic to these sites should be enough to make you reconsider, at least twice starting a social networking site before investing time and money in to scripts. Building traffic is a lengthy process, especially with so many existing social networks out there that are already well branded not only in affiliates minds, but also the minds of the surfers you are trying to attract. Take some time to step back and look at the bigger picture, see how you can, and who will help you get traffic to your sites once it is launched, then judge how much time and effort you are going to have to put in to the site to keep it growing, and more importantly, making money.

    Article written by Lee.

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    Social networks are the best websites to generate the best traffic for your websites. Just take care not to make use of any website without proper check for link building.

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    Social Media now these days play a vital role. the part of social media is Facebook , Google plus, twitter and linked in for increase the traffic on website. Social Mob is a social media company . its provides you social media services like Social Media Promotions, Facebook Marketing Plans[/URL][/I][/B] and Facebook Stores. its help to your site increase traffic and enhance business. for more information

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    another good form of social networking is by using tumblr. i use it frequently and it brings in a good amount of traffic if done properly.

    i usually put several photos in a queue, so my tumblr page can run on autopilot for the week. also make sure to backlink to your webpage on the tumblr layout by customizing the template to do this.

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    a different good type of social media is to apply tumblr. i personally use the idea usually also it brings in a lot of site visitors when done effectively.

    i usually fit numerous photos inside a queue, so our tumblr page can certainly operated with autopilot for the 7 days. in addition be sure to back-link for a web site for the tumblr layout by means of modifying this web template to do this.

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