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Thread: I am hear....Please introduce yourself...I want to meet you

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    I am hear....Please introduce yourself...I want to meet you

    I am on the prowl to meet more people in the industry. I often mix up names and Companies, but I do my best. I have been involved in this industry for years, but the people change so often that I can often fall behind on who is who? Please introduce yourself, so we can meet at the next show.

    Have a great weekend !!!!!!

    You can IM me at anytime @ Scottvgl....I look forward to chatting with you! :0)

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    We all want pictures of you shaking your booty girl



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    Hey baby! I'm unforgettable so I won't introduce myself LMAO

    At least that's what my therapist used to tell me to say in the mirror HAHAHAHAHAHA

    How are you? I'm happy to see you around these parts. And you better come back often.

    Tell Morgan I love the new design on Cybersocket! We're going through a redeisgn here as well. Once it's done, I'll be calling about doing some linking ; )

    Lee - don't we have a copy of that pic? I remember saying something like "Damn that Scott and his skinny butt!" Or something like that LMAOPIP


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