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Thread: need some marketing ideas

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    How does one market and get traffic to new white label site?

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    12 can help... we specialise in marketing and social media promotion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by esmale View Post
    Hi guys,

    I have just signed up to Gay Wide Webmasters and saw your thread. My name is Mark and I am the Online Content and Marketing Manager for esmale we are always looking for new partnerships and affiliates.

    You can view our website at

    Hey Mark:

    I would like to establish a relationship between my company and yours. I need to get my site advertised and generate some traffic and boost my subscriptions. Get back to me and let me know what you guys can do for me.


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    Here's an idea: why not do as Jim suggested and put all you updates in one thread by itself? That avoids clutter and makes it easy for people to avoid if they want to. You can bet for every one person who says they don't like you starting a new thread for each update there are another 25 who feel similarly annoyed but don't say anything. So you are doing yourself no favours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmartNexus View Post
    You may try to exchange links, link building or trade links.
    Using the Link trade system may be effective for site promotion With a help of link trade you can push your website up search engine result pages.
    I agree with SmartNexus' suggestion that Exchange of links is one of the good ideas in creating strategy to attract target market.

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    see my sig ... lots of webmasters making gay niche working with TSS

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