Hot Stuff: Vertigo - John Rodriguez, Alejandro Torres

Alejandro Torres visits a Therapist, John Rodriguez that has a new and innovative procedure to help Alejandro with his Acrophobia. When Alejandro arrives at Johnís high-rise flat he immediately takes him out on the balcony. Alejandro freezes in fear and John moves in and begins kissing him, distracting him from his fears. John can feel Alejandroís fear is still strong, but so is his huge cock. Freeing Alejandroís massive cock John begins to replace fear with pleasure as Alejandroís cock slips into his mouth and down his throat. John realizes that this is only Alejandroís first session and they retreat indoors, yet next to the window with a view. Alejandro is able to relax much more and delves tongue first into Johnís smooth, olive skinned ass. John rewards Alejandro for his efforts and glides his hard cock deep inside his raw ass. Flipping onto his shoulders, John gives Alejandro full access to his open and hungry ass. Alejandro rapid fire fucks Johnís ass with a fervor that shows his is completely at ease in the high-rise. John rolls onto his back and grabs his rock-hard cock and strokes in rhythm with Alejandroís strong thrusting. Alejandroís thrusts grow in intensity as John reaches his breaking point and erupts his hot load of cum. Alejandro immediately showers Johnís ass with his thick streams of cum then deposits his last load deep inside Johnís raw ass. Letís hope that Alejandroís next session is as successful.