I hope that everyoneís new year is off to a wonderful start! We are working on some great things for 2017! Not only are we working on fresh non-exclusive content to update our web site, we are continuing to shoot exclusive scenes for competitive prices. The content is the highest quality custom scenes shooting in full HD, 4k and VR. We are also offering new programs like refer a friend, which could get you your next order for FREE (up to $1,000). If you have never bought from us before thatís ok, you can still refer a friend and qualify to have your order completely free! Or how about our monthly random give-a-ways! The winner can pick anything from a video, a picture set or both up to a certain dollar amount ranging from $25 up to $100 to spend on any of our content sites. Or you can choice to use the offer with our sister site http://www.expressWritersOnline.com, and have them write descriptions, posts, reviews, articles or anything you need written! These are just some of the things we are working on this year as well as continuing the name your price promotion through 2017. Think the prices we have listed on our sites are too high? Make us a reasonable offer even if itís just for one set or a package deal with XX number of sets, this includes all the videos and pictures you see on either of our sites Train Wreck Content http://www.trainwreckcontent.com/cart/index.php & Adult Content Source http://www.adultcontentsource.com/.

We cover a wide range of niches and work with several producers. Do you have a specific niche that you need content for and donít see it on our web site? Email me and I will look at the content we have on hard drives that havenít been added yet. I can also check with all the other producers we work with to see if they have what you are looking for. In most cases we are able to put content packages together that are competitive if not better than other advertised prices.

Whatever your content needs are (exclusive, non-exclusive, video, pictures, writing) let us know and give us a chance to show you why we receive good feedback from our customers. We have been doing business for over 10 years and plan to be here for many more, providing high quality content and excellent customer service. Please search us on the boards and read the feedback from others we have worked with, both customers and producers. I also encourage anyone to leave feedback here and tell us about your experience with either of our content or writing sites.

As I mentioned above donít forget our writing site http://www.expressWritersOnline.com, we can do blogs, product descriptions, profilesÖ.contact Leroy today for your free quote!

We would also love to hear any suggestion from you on what you would like to see this year for content and any promotions you have in mind.

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