Clickadu Ads – In HQ traffic we trust!
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Clickadu is a young, but fast-growing advertising network. We’re successfully providing high-tech advertising solutions in buying/selling popunder traffic for two years. Working with desktop and mobile platforms with all types of entertainment niches.

What’re the benefits you’ll receive as a partner?
There always should be some benefits.

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  • Managed & Self-Serve platforms are available for you.
  • Flexible targeting opportunities, up to choosing the black & white zones.
  • Get traffic WorldWide. We’re working with 200+ countries.
  • Sharp statistics, updating every hour.
  • Rapid campaign moderation & launching.
  • Brand new tech solutions for more convenient cooperation & maximizing your profit. Anti-adblock zones traffic & SmartCPA.
  • Referral system for advertisers. Bring your friend, or a partner, or just… Dunno. Any other cool guy and you’ll receive from 3% to 5% of the referral spend.
  • Giveaways & other sweet rolls for the newbies and the regular partners.
  • Technical support & countenance. Our support team is always glad to help you with the issues.

… And much more.


  • High eCPM with 100% fillrate
  • On time automated payouts with a variety of payment methods
  • Exclusive advertisers
  • Anti-Adblocking solution, handy publisher's dashboard.
  • Referral program for publishers.
  • Giveaways & other sweet rolls for the newbies and the regular partners.

Feel free to join us. Earn more from the digital marketing with us!