In the Summer of 2016, I spent 5 months in Prague, then Liverpool and Manchester, England and Glasgow, Scotland. I so enjoyed traveling and being a Tourist in these amazing areas.

But I became Anemic, spent some time in hospital in Prague, and A&E in Liverpool and Manchester. Came home early, spent quite a few trips to the US equivalent of both. Now, I am back to full-steam, and looking to hit the road in 2017.

Starting point will be May 1 in Dublin, Ireland, one of my favorite cities. For the International Gay Lesbian Theatre Festival - for 2 full weeks! 18 plays over 2 weeks!

Not sure yet about mid-May to mid-July. Liverpool from mid-July to mid-September. Then I would like to visit the midlands, and maybe meet up with models- new or that I've worked with before.

I'd like to visit Prague again, but the hotel I stayed at last summer is off-line! Maybe time to re-visit Warsaw? I have Genealogy reasons for Stockholm, and Brussels or Liége.

Maybe some of the readers here have new ideas. I like to shoot with models and do live Cam shows.