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Thread: New book and possible film award

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    New book and possible film award

    I know I only rear my ugly head here when I’m after something, but this time I have some exciting news to share. My latest novel has just been published on Amazon and Kindle, and the screenplay I wrote for a film called ‘The 13th’ is up for an award at the London Greek Film Festival next week. Very exciting times, but now it’s back to work…

    Oh, the novel is called ‘The Saddling’ (by James Collins) and I can post a link if anyone’s interested and I am allowed.


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    Post away ... you've managed to do enough posts over the years that you won't get auto tossed into a moderated post status! LOL

    And that is just awesome, CONGRATS! And please be sure to let us know how it goes with both projects!

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