Happy New Year to everyone from us writers, and a huge thank you to our clients who have kept us going since 2005. I sincerely hope our review and story writing has been helping you with your sales and promotions! We always have room for more work if anyone needs us.

Now, here's a (rather long) question. As well as writing reviews and posts, I write books (and screenplays) as most people here know. Last year I published three books under a new penname, Jackson Marsh, to differentiate them from my other novels and travel books. I did this because these are gay romance/erotica and I didn't want to confuse my loyal James Collins readership or blindside them with some, to them, unexpected gay nookie. I'm pleased to say that the books have started to pick up a few sales, but we could always do with more. So, I had a vague idea and wanted to seek some advice.

I don't have much money to pay to advertise but it strikes me that I could pick up readership and sales if the books were advertised on some gay adult sites.

How likely is it that a site (or sites) would advertise the books for me, or my Amazon author page, either for free, or in return for some kind of content swap?
Perhaps members of a site could pick up a free Kindle copy of one in return for the site putting a link to the others.
Perhaps a site could run a new chapter of one per month with a link to the other books.
Perhaps we could write some stories exclusively for a site in return for some kind of advert/link in a members' area.
Perhaps site owners here would be generous enough to advertise the books simply for free because you're all such nice people?

Would any of those ideas appeal to anyone? Is the idea a no-go? How much would you charge me to place an advert? Are there any other creative ideas that could help me advertise the books through sites?

The books I am selling and currently working on are in the older/younger (18+) male romance genre, and one is 'In School and Out,' a collection of 13 short erotic stories (lots of sex), some of which won me an EGPA some time ago - that's the best seller so far. I reckon they would appeal mainly to twink and jock site members, and sites with older/younger content.

Here's a cover of one so you can see that they are decently produced, and if anyone is interested in the idea and wants to read one first, I can send you a .mobi file or a PDF. PM me if you're interested to discuss.

Sorry to go on. All ideas welcome, and have a great year!
Thank you
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