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Featuring: Xavier and Youri

Categories: Anal, Badpuppy, European, Fucking, GayPorn, GaySex, GayVideo, Kissing, Movies, Oral, Photos, Sucking, Uncut


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Date Added: 2018-02-16

They couldn't even finish the interview before Youri Chevalier plants a kiss on Xavier Sibley's mouth. From there, the intense kissing quickly escalates, and both of these hot, young men are pawing at each other's clothes. They quickly remove their shirts, and Youri drops to his knees, pushing Xavier's pants down. The bulge in Xavier's underwear is growing fast, and Youri quickly set's it free before swallowing its entire length down his throat. Xavier reaches to undo Youri's jeans and pulls them and Youri's underwear down to his ankles. Xavier expertly blows Youri's thick piece of meat, feeling it expand in his mouth with every flick of his tongue. Youri kneels onto the sofa, bends over, and sticks his ass in the air, offering his tight hole to Xavier. Xavier is more than willing to oblige, and he shoves his thick, uncut cock deep into Youri's ass. He wastes no time in giving Youri a good pounding. Every stoke puts Xavier's cock deeper, and Youri moans with pleasure at every thrust. Switching things up, Xavier sits back on the sofa with his rock-hard cock standing straight up. Youri climbs on top, mounts Xavier's cock, and slides down onto it. Youri wastes no time riding Xavier's cock with his own cock flopping up and down with the rhythm of the fucking. As things heat up even more, Youri lies back on the sofa and begins jacking his cock as Xavier continues pounding his ass. Youri does not hold back for long, and as Xavier continues to fuck, Youri starts squirting thick loads of jizz all over himself. This sends Xavier over the top. He pulls his cock out of Youri, stands up, and dumps his load of cum all over Youri.