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Featuring: Classic CAUSA 138 Sawyer

Categories: Erotic Massage, Finger Fucking, Gay Amateur Video, Gay Massage, Gay Porn, Gay Video, Model4CAUSA, Movies, Photos, Rub N Tug, Sex Toys, Sucking


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Date Added: 2018-03-29

Sawyer | 20 | 6'0" | 135# | 6.5" | Blonde Hair | Blue Eyes | Straight & Sexploring

What a shoot it turned out to be! Once I flipped Sawyer over and started the tugging, he was right at the edge of ejaculating (deja vu ;-). After several minutes of starting & stopping, I realized that Sawyer was in his extreme sexual zone, and a second orgasm was highly probable.

I asked. Sawyer said it was possible, so I brought him to his first climax. A quick pee break, and we were right back at it.

BOING! Sawyer was hard and cumming a second time within a few minutes of his first. Now, that's what I call being in the zone.

Of course, bringing guys to multiple orgasms within a short timeframe is old hat to me. As you'll see on the video, it was a bit of a surprise to Sawyer.

I think Sawyer enjoyed himself as will you.