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Featuring: Hamish Watsin

Categories: anal, Badpuppy, cumshot, Scottish, gay, masturbation, movies, photos, sex, solo, videos


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Date Added: 2018-04-05

Hamish Watsin is one hot young stud. He hails from Scotland and now lives in the United States where he spends most of his time in the gym. He used to just work out there, but ultimately was offered a job. His body is incredible, and he demonstrates his physique as he slowly strips out of his clothes. As he unbuttons his pants, both of his hands reach in and caress his growing bulge. Hamish slips his jeans down a little, kneels onto the bed, and leans over. He points his ass at the camera and begins gyrating on the bed. He finally pulls off his jeans and immediately spreads his legs wide open. Hamish starts playing with his thick piece of meat, and it starts growing. Now with a full hard-on, Hamish kneels up on the bed, grabs his cock and balls, and starts jacking himself. A couple of times, he proves his flexibility as he leans over and licks his own cock. In the final moments, Hamish really works himself up. His balls totally disappear, and his body is rock-hard as he starts squirting loads of his creamy jizz all over his perfect abs.