I'm offering my Tumblr and Twitter promotion services for busy webmasters who want to post regularly on those platforms or run special campaigns.

My service includes everything you need to run a successful promotion:
- Making short video trailers from full videos
- Taking snapshots, watermarking, adjusting in Photoshop
- Creating quality animated GIFs
- Designing supplemental graphics such as logos, banners, avatars etc.
- Designing cover images for social network accounts/blogs
- Writing short description for posts
- Finding and trying different hashtags
- Posting twitter posts on schedule
- Analyzing stats and optimizing posts accordingly

Depending on what you need from the list above, prices start from $0.5 per post. Let me know what you are interested in and I will give you a quote.
Ask me to see current accounts I'm running.

Thanks for your time!

Darko Raca