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Thread: Redeveloping, restarting our sites.

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    Redeveloping, restarting our sites.

    Renewing our old sites will take some work, thatís for sure. I see thereís a ton of information on this forum that I should read, and although Iím not the programmer Iím sure thereís plenty I need to be updated on. TopBucks used to be our best earner. Anyone like them as much? And Badpuppy?, and more

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    Topbucks fell to the wayside for me some years back when I was promoting straight porn, I don't know how others are doing with it. It wasn't really "gay" oriented, unless they have added new gay sites.

    Badpuppy has always been a standup company. Great content and awesome support personnel.

    When you say you're redoing your sites, what kind of site are you referring to? Blogs, paysite, or ??

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