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Thread: QWEBEC EXPO Invites you to Montreal

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    QWEBEC EXPO Invites you to Montreal

    Hello friends.

    I'm reaching out here to day to ask you what it takes to bring more Gay MArket Companies to Montreal for QWEBEC Expo.

    We're been working very hard, spoke to major guy sites/programs owner. Many in person will 'say YES we're going this year' to finally just not showing up...

    I understand it takes some concentration of gay companies to make it worthwhile, but it looks like 'to me' that they all waiting after each others.

    SO, that being said I'm all hears here and we're open to make whatever reasonably possible to make it happen.

    Feel free to contact me on Skype at : michaelqwebec if you want to discuss privately

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    Be sure to also announce it on and!

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