Zbuckz Announces the Relaunch of DominicPacifico.com
(Las Vegas, September 25, 2018)
For Immediate Release –
Danny Zeeman of WebMediaProz is proud to announce that Dominic Pacifico and his eponymous website are now a part of the growing family of Zbuckz/Dickbank gay porn affiliate membership sites. Dominic’s all new state-of-the-art website is an update and upgrade, a showplace for the artistic contributions of Pacifico and the technical expertise of the Zbuckz team and WebMediaProz platform.
Pacifico, who is also a world famous DJ in the gay club circuit, is known for producing high end content with a kinky edge. With a reputation for quality and excellent production values as well as a superb collection of models focusing on masculine, hairy and Latino guys, he’s been hard at work creating a mindblowing new web series to mark the launch of his new website.
Upgrading to the Zbuckz team means that DominicPacifico.com is optimized for all platforms. Members and visitors to the site will notice an immediate improvement in performance and user experience, as well as a more personal approach to the marketing strategy.

“We took a lot of time to make sure people knew what they are getting into when they come to DominicPacifico.com," stated Zeeman. “Going forward, the new content is really going to match up to Dominic’s mission of bringing the highest quality bareback and kink content featuring some of the hottest new and well known muscular gay porn stars in the business. The new website will really drill that point home,” he said.
Based in Las Vegas, Dominic has gained notice as a world class DJ at elite clubs and premiere gay events such as the White Party and the Hustlaball. His travels and A-list profile enable him to amass a network of some of the finest models in the industry, including such names as Seth Santoro, Christopher Daniels, Bennett Anthonyt, Pierce Paris, Jack Hunter and Dominic’s partner Casey Everett. Pacifico’s scenes are mini blockbusters with edgy themes, bold sex and spontaneity, and a raw, dirty edge that makes them unique in the cookie-cutter gay erotic scene. Combine that with Pacifico’s exacting standards and reputation for perfectionism and you have a formula for an exciting and audacious experience each time you visit DominicPacifico.com.
Pacifico is excited about the relaunch. “I have always had a strong belief in my content, models and videos, and with the strength of our new platform I am confident that our members will get to experience it all with the best quality and user experience. And WebMediaProz will make it easier for DominicPacifico.com to reach the audience I have been targeting.”
For his part, Zeeman feels that Dominic Pacifico is a perfect addition and complement to Zbuckz and is confident that Dominic’s artistry and content combined with Zbuckz technical expertise and marketing muscle will bring a leap forward for both companies. Visit DominicPacifico.com and experience the synergy that drives Zbuckz and their latest affiliate to deliver the best in adult entertainment.
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About Dominic Pacifico:
Combining careers in music, modeling and porn, Dominic Pacifico is the Renaissance man the gay adult industry needs. An artist first and foremost, he brings his creative ambition to every scene, both behind and before the cameras. Using 4k equipment and feature film quality lighting, and shooting in unusual and spectacular locations, Pacifico finds beauty in even the rawest fetish and most titillating couplings. Based in the Sin City, he has found inspiration in the city’s high-roller excitement and fantastic desert settings. His greatest ambition is to keep topping every achievement, finding new challenges to conquer and taboos to break.

About WebMediaProz:

WebMediaProz, the Management company behind such affiliate programs as Zbuckz.com and Dickbank.com, was founded in 2003. The company focuses on providing an innovative platform for entertainment studios to distribute their content, using state-of-the-art technology and innovation to personalize websites for their clients. The company’s excellent affiliate tools, top-notch support, industry leading payouts and powerful database infrastructure has made their affiliate programs and membership sites some of the most well-recognized in the online entertainment industry, employed by some of the top studios, affiliates and talent in the industry.