Tokyo, October 4, 2018)
For Immediate Release –
Tokyo-based poet of pornography Axel Abysse marks the first year of his website with an October filled with special content, including an exceptional weekly update starting October 5th, a three part series called Carnage with fisting legend Trent Bloom. Bloom retired from porn years ago and has since been quite elusive. But after he and Axel contacted each other, he mentioned that he loved Abysse's videos from the beginning. They ended playing and filming together.
The raw, real scenes of Carnage feature no decor, no script, total improvisation with holes, fists and big toys. The series can be very crude and intense with heavy hardcore anal action, until the big finale where the cameraman has to join in for a triple fisting! it’s a very rare and special video that will appeal to fans of kink and hardcore fistfucking action.
There will also be a few surprises to mark the one-year milestone, during which time Abysse has grown wildly in stature and popularity in the worldwide fetish community. In the pipeline are plans for the inauguration of VOD capability on Visitors will be able to purchase and download individual scenes from Axel’s acclaimed library.

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About Axel Abysse:
Born in the in the countryside of south France, introverted and unconfident as a kid,*Axel*escaped in his dreams and captured his fantasies on paper, writing and drawing on sketchbooks. His artistic interests soon brought him to pornography, as his growing body showed the first desires to be explored.*While studying arts and more importantly cinema in Paris,*Axel*took a fist in him for the first time at 18. He obviously never went back. Later, living in Japan, he explored photography using his obscene self as a model. Surprised, yet turned on by the reaction of hundreds of admirers online, he decides to share what he calls “his curse” with the world.*Abysse*is born.

With exhibition as a pretext to exercise his self-taught filmmaking skills, a first video is uploaded on Xtube in 2014. It is the first of a long series of sometimes, somewhat experimental pornographic pieces in which the performer explores the art of fisting, alone or with partners from all over the world.*His work started getting more attention over the months, and he was then invited by renowned studios to perform in the USA with big names of the industry, such as Brian Bonds and Amerifist.*In 2017, after meeting with the inspirational trans porn icon Buck Angel,*Axel*decided to fully embrace his creative and sexual passions with his own website.

About Trent Bloom:
Trent Bloom was born and raised on the bay shore, growing up in the small town of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. After short stints living in Europe and NYC he finally settled in Chicago. Even as a teenager he was drawn to ass play and fisting, beginning with his very first boyfriend. When he entered college to study interior design, he took his first double fist and began posting amateur videos to xtube. Trent's life changed at the age of 23 when he was diagnosed with lymphoma, but he battled and beat the life-threatening cancer. As a survivor, he had nothing to lose taking on healthy risks and challenges, so jumping into porn was no big deal. It was also a chance to play with and turn other young hot guys on to the joys of fisting.
Trent's porn career is crowned with classics of the genre like "Take the Plunge" and "Foul Play" performing alongside top stars (like Axel Abysse model and favorite Cory Jay). Although his porn era only lasted a few years his influence is incredible and he inspired a generation of young fisters including Axel himself. Trent is a true legend. Meeting and having the chance to play with him unscripted in a groundbreaking new video series is a dream come true and honor for Axel.

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