Dominic Pacifico Announces the Release of REPENT, A Story of Gothic Suspense and Erotic Possession in an Ancient Monastery
(Las Vegas, October 12, 2018)
For Immediate Release –

Renaissance man and audacious artist of the gay adult world Dominic Pacifico announces the release today of his ambitious masterwork REPENT, a Gothic story of young priests in an 18th century monastery possessed by forbidden sexual desires. Shot in a rich glowing palette and fog-infused light that suggests classical paintings, REPENT brings shocking beauty and suspense to scenes of fetish and edgy sex between men who can no longer repress their attractions. The first of ten episodes premieres today on

Cleverly conceived, the monks’ implied takeover by dark forces might be actual possession or a metaphor for holy men stepping beyond all boundaries of sin and righteousness. The sexy monks are portrayed by an all-star cast including Pacifico himself as a vector of dark smoldering sin, Casey Everett as the most angelic priest to ever stray to the dark side, Joseph Banks and Brodie Ramirez as incestuous brothers, recent porn favorite Nic Sahara and veteran performer Fx Rios. Set in and around a Gothic-style chapel lit with dozens of candles, REPENT is as visually stunning as we’d expect from director Dominic Pacifico. Ten deeply erotic scenes run the gamut from Gothic horror, raw sex and bondage to playful seduction with touches of humor.

The first scene of REPENT premieres Friday October 12th on the all-new web portal, with subsequent episodes appearing weekly and a full DVD release to follow. The rollout represents Dominic’s first major project since his relaunched website hit the internet in September, turbocharged by the technical and marketing expertise of new partner WebMediaProz / Zbuckz. Leaving marketing and web design to the experts at Zbuckz has allowed Dominic to focus on creativity, content and the artistic output of his studio, always his strongest area.

The director/star adds proudly, "It was exhausting work taking on a big project like REPENT, but it's fantastic how far it exceeded all our expectations.* I can't wait till everyone gets a chance to see the finished product. It's major."

Pacifico tested the waters with a few REPENT scenes in the past, and finally this year was able to bring his full idea to glorious life in this feature-length version. Combining state of the art video, sumptuous costuming, gorgeous locations and an enigmatic story, it’s the biggest gay adult project he has taken on, and it’s certain to arouse and amaze viewers as it unfolds this season on

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About Dominic Pacifico:
Combining careers in music, modeling and porn, Dominic Pacifico is the Renaissance man the gay adult industry needs. An artist first and foremost, he brings his creative ambition to every scene, both behind and before the cameras. Using 4k equipment and feature film quality lighting, and shooting in unusual and spectacular locations, Pacifico finds beauty in even the rawest fetish and most titillating couplings. Based in the Sin City, he has found inspiration in the city’s high-roller excitement and fantastic desert settings. His greatest ambition is to keep topping every achievement, finding new challenges to conquer and taboos to break.

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