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    A site launched by what seemed to be by Cybersocket several years ago.

    Woke up this morning to take Statistics for Dec 31, and got this in my face:

    Due to circumstances beyond our control is now closed.

    If the situation changes in the future
    we hope to bring back a bigger, better version of the site.

    In the meantime, please visit our sponsors below.

    -- Wolf Mendelsohn, 2Gay4FB
    Not that there was much revenue involved, but now the pain-in-the-ass of taking down links to it all over my network of sites.

    No advance notice, no follow-up yet! Hmpf, you'd think today was a holiday!! Or something!

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    Have you considered using an affiliate management plugin like ThirstyAffiliates? You'd be able to redirect closed site links to another site in a minute or two.

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