TGP Gallery Maker version 3.0 has now been released:

* 1426 TGPs in database;

* One step submission process. No separate uploading of recips,
duplicating galleries, etc. Correctly places recips. Built in FTP;

* Builds galleries with wizard type interface, no HTML programming

* Adheres to TGP submission rules;

* Free content for first gallery included;

* Includes list of affiliate programs that offer free content;

* Combines galleries into mini sites, with menu and warning page.
Use with (pays you $20 each time someone gains
free access to your mini site).

* TGP owners can place own recip on every gallery submitted to
every TGP (gain traffic to your TGP);

* Affiliate program, 50% affiliate fee ($22.50);

* Low price: $45 once off, not recurring.

* Details at