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Thread: Vegas baby

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    Vegas baby

    Hey all:

    Who will be coming to Vegas and what are the best parties going to be? any thoughts?


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    Well Lee and I will be there. So will Chris.

    As for parties there is a thread about the kick off party.... And Of course Morgan and the Cybersocket crew will be throwing some good parties, as always. I'll get Scott to give me the link again to those

    I'm never sure what parties I will get to until I'm there. Always seems my dance card gets filled long before I get on the plane. LOL I always plan on going somewhere and find out I scheduled something else.

    But this year I'm trying to make the rounds for sure.


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    Well I don't care as long as you and I can whoop it up and I can check out your new bf

    hugs and now I go home,


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