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Thread: Last Minute Gift Ideas

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    You do realize by 'gay' I mean a man who has sex with other men?
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    I Wonder? Last Minute Gift Ideas

    Okay so other than gift certificates what are some good last minute gift ideas for Christmas?

    Oh an liquor is out too hehe.



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    Do phone sex lines offer gift certificates??

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    Damn Rob ... I've gotta stop drinking coffee when reading your posts! LOL Between this one and the "pet" ...

    ... who's got the roll of paper towels to clean up this mess ....

    Lee ..

    Are you asking in general, or you needing ideas? If need ideas, can we get some idea of sex/age etc for the person getting the gift?

    For adults ... usually anything food related is good ... whether it's homebaked cookies in a nice keepable container or a fruit and cheese basket.

    I usually look for things that I know would compliment something they're into for hobbies or fun, and make up a gift basket. Kitchen trinkets and gourmet goodies, spices, fancy oils and vinegars, in a bread basket lined with a new set of cloth napkins for the chef, hand tools and new gardening gloves in a pail for the gardener. Those gift bags work well too instead of a real basket for some collections. I find they really like getting something "personalized" as opposed to just grabbing some Knicknack they throw on a shelf and have to dust off.

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