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Thread: 2U Rackmount Server

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    2U Rackmount Server

    This question is not adult site related but here goes:

    I am a Club Dee Jay as well as being an adult webmaster.
    My question pertains to Music Video and how a rackmount server could best be used.

    I'm wondering if you have a rackmount server set up in your dj rig if you have to have a main computer to run your VJ/DJ music and video programs on?

    Any input will help...
    Thanks in advance.


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    I am not a DJ but from a techie perspective I can tell you that for the most part a server is nothing more than a beefy computer that is running a server operating system. If your server is running a windows o/s you should be able to also install any DJ programs that work on normal windows. Similarly if it is a linux based server, you would just have to get the linux version of your DJ software.

    hope that helps!



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    Depending on what you're doing, you may be able to find a 1U server that will fill your needs. Most of the 2U tend to be the deep rackmounts (24" or so) and pretty heavy... designed for really industrial-strength hosting solutions.

    You might check they have some excellent 1U servers that can hold up to 3 hard drives, take standard motherboards, run cool and reliably. We've got several of their boxes, and the ISP in the cage next to us at the data center where our boxes are has about 400 of their servers. Prices run $500-$1500 depending on drives, ram, processor, configuration, but are generally very competitive.

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    I dunno about you guys but all this tech talk gave me a boner.

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