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Thread: winter wonderland

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    winter wonderland

    It is beautiful here, but still sometimes I think I should've stayed in Vegas.

    One of the things I like about working in this industry is that we can do our jobs from anywhere. If you had to pick one aspect of this industry as your favorite...what would it be?

    BTW: How's the weather everywhere else? This is a pic from my parent's house.

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    LOL... I dream of weather like that - I am in 'ice station zebra' Toronto, Ontario - oh ya.. CANADA!!!!

    Even the penguins are saying - "its too flippin cold here - lets fly south to michigan!!!"

    Best part of my job is when I am online for more than 12 hours and I get to warm up near my hard drive plus the monitor gives a false tan.

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    yeah... winter is the most sad time in year for me
    Too coldly... brrr....
    One is good that in this time nothing distracts from a work

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    Well it's 65 and sunny here in Daytona Beach. (I'm not rubbing it in, Jason asked LOL)

    Actually this IS our winter. I used to love the cold temps of NY and the snow. But something deep inside of me changed about 5 years ago. I didn't want to deal with it anymore. Even the beauty of a first snow fall.

    We went to NY over Christmas and again last weekend - I have to say the cold tempertures actually hurt. I guess that makes it official - I'm a Forida boy now! LOL

    Keep warm!


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    It's 66 and sunny in Phoenix!

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