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Thread: Ugas Platinum. Worth It?

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    Ugas Platinum. Worth It?

    I see that tritech has finally release a platinum UGAS program.

    I'm just wondering if it's worth doing sites for it.

    I've looked a several of the platinum sites and the pitch to join/upgrade to platinum and was definately NOT convinced to upgrade.

    It just didn't look worth 40 bucks US a month.


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    It just didn't look worth 40 bucks US a month.

    There's my opinion. If you feel it's not worth it then...

    I'll admit, it's been a while since I sold anyone else's avs system.

    But my bottom line has always been when in doubt don't.

    Any AVS webmasters out there who work with them? Let's hear from you.

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    Ive done one. Its not live yet though.

    I think it will be a gold rush. Youve thousands and thousands of UGAS holders to upsell to, most of them bored and looking for something new.

    I agree that its hard to upsell to but the backend is which has some great movies, live feeds and tons of pics. I think that the rebills will be strong.

    Ill let you know how mine goes.

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    Any updates on UGAS Platinum?

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    none here. i'm still waiting....
    certainly doesn't look worth it from my perspective...

    one man's opinion

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