Hi everyone,

I run a small company called Website Customer Service (http://www.websitecustomerservice.com). We specialize in providing Customer Service and retention services for adult membership sites. It's our philosophy that every business, especially online adult businesses, should offer their customers and members the absolute highest standards of service and support. When these are met, members stay longer, charge-back ratios drop, and profits increase

If you're currently using the Customer Service department at your billing company for your site(s), chances are you're paying too much. We can offer you the same services (24/7 toll free support & email support) and we can do it for a lot less money…usually 25-50% less.

Please check out our site at http://www.websitecustomerservice.com . We would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you have. We've been doing this for three years now and can provide references if necessary.

For a limited time, sign up for our services and receive a 10% discount off for the first two months.


Joey B.