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Thread: AutoGallery Pro or AutoGallery SQL?

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    Eric Exposed1

    AutoGallery Pro or AutoGallery SQL?

    I recently posted a question asking about a good program to use for a TGP site that I am going to start. It seems that Auto Gallery by JMB software is the recommended program to use. I am going to start with the freeware version and then purchase either the PRO or SQL. There is a $30 difference between the 2 programs. SQL is the higher priced. To me it doesn't matter which one I go with. It's not like we are talkng about a lot of money here. I would like to know from those of you that are in the biz which is the better of the two.



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    I use both Eric... There real difference between the two is the way the scripts handle the data. Pro uses flat txt files and SQL well uses sql databases.

    I like the SQL version. When script use flat file databases they tend to use server resources like memory and disk space a lot more than programs using SQL. The management of the data tends to be faster and more efficient with the SQL verison. Typically I find this to be the case with most of the program I use that utilize SQL for the data. Also if you ever decided to do a second site and share the data the SQL version is best.

    SO my opinion...? Start off with the SQL verison. It will only be better for you from the start.

    My two cents


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    I am using AG Pro, it does the job nicely for me.



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