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Thread: Boosting traffic

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    Boosting traffic

    Well, I have a TGP that only gets about 250 hits a day. Actually though, I'm pretty thrilled it gets that many - it's fairly new, and I've been working in Iowa for the past month or so and I haven't been able to do anything with it.

    Anyway... What are good ways to increase my traffic? Are there any good link lists that aren't a waste of time to deal with? I know search engines are what's suggested as the best form of traffic - does anyone have a URL where I could read up on making the most of them?

    Thanks for your time!

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    Do you have any other sites that you promote? You could build a few galleries and submit them to tgp's - and use one of the 3 recips you can add for your own tgp site.


    has a pretty good list of tgps, linklists etc for the gay market

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    The easiest and most common way to increase your tgp traffic is to install a traffic trade script and start trading off with other tgp sites. You can also try driving traffic directly to your site by doing up TGP galleries and having your tgp as the main "sponsor". You can buy traffic from a slew of traffic brokers. You can also try linklists but I am afraid I cannot suggest any since I just don't know that field that well.



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    Thanks for the advice! It was very useful!

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    What's your TGP called? I've just started using TGP's. I could use another one to fill up my third recip link spot.


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