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Thread: German affiliate programs

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    German affiliate programs

    I'm trying to find a quality German language affiliate program that accepts sites and webmasters from the United States.

    I've found several affiliate programs that seem interesting, but I'm just wondering if anyone has had good luck with any one in particular?

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    Hello -

    I do consulting work for, an International Affiliate Program that originates from Germany. They launched in the US in 2003 as a global affiliate program, but have also recently added a US-based affiliate program as well. Because they started in Germany, the German-based sites have been out on the market the longest, have the best conversion ratios and best retention. You can get paid either $50-70 per sign-up or 50-70% lifetime recurring.

    Much more but I don't want my first post here to be a spam fest. Check out the site or hit me up on ICQ @ 29052013 for more info.


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    Hey retrograde!

    I'm sure you can find more info at European Webmasters on this

    My best,

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