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Thread: Love that dare not squeak its name

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    I am straight, but my ass is gay jIgG's Avatar
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    Love that dare not squeak its name

    interesting article in the NYTimes about gay animals

    i thought the penguins were kinda cute

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    You do realize by 'gay' I mean a man who has sex with other men?
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    Thats actually some old news im surprised the Times took so long to get the story printed LOL

    As i recall, sometime around 2 years ago there was a free magazine being distributed in the UK gay bars that had a feature issue on this story LOL

    Still its good to see someone like the Times eventually covering this story



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    I think this sums up another thread discussion...

    "...but Mr. Vasey said one reason there had been few books on the topic was that "people don't want to do the research because they don't want to have suspicions raised about their sexuality."

    I think that this crosses a lot of industries.

    Lee this may have been known in England but this is the sexually surpressed USA... LOL


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