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    How long...

    ... have you been working in online?

    Did my Topic get ya? I hope so.

    A good friend of mine said to me yesterday "you've been in this long enough to see them come and go and come again".

    I laughed, of course, but never thought of my time in this industry like that. And it is true, I've seen a lot of people come and go.

    So how long have you been working online... and not just adult. Did you start in the BBS days? Work non adult prior?

    Personally, I was a surfer first as most of us were. Then in 1995-1996 taught at the local community college - Creating effective HTML pages. That was a joke. But once I started marketing I started a class - Internet Marketing Basics. Little did the establishment know, my experince came from marketing porn LMAOPIP I still get emails from some of my student who are successful online entrepeneurs. Funny thing was that two of them bumped into me years later at a show - their faces were priceless when they put it all together. LOL

    My best,

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    You do realize by 'gay' I mean a man who has sex with other men?
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    6 inch... i mean err... going on 5 years now

    Started selling books via an online store then slowly progressed into adult and, as it happens, im slowly edging back into mainstream now LOL



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    hmmmm...about 20 years ago (god am i really that old?) my dad bought me an appleIIc and a compuserve account. no public internet, no graphics, but chat rooms and email. I have one email pal that i've been corresponding with the whole time.
    I started in internet marketing and sales in 96, shortly after yahoo started the first online ad campaigns. I started in adult in 97. what a ride......!

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