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Thread: Coding help please,,,,

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    Macho 411

    Coding help please,,,,

    what is it I need to insert in my code to have on people browsers my main URL no matter where they go on the site?


    & your on page

    but browser displays


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    I'm not sure what you mean...

    With most pages, if you just punch in the domain (i.e., you'll be directed to the index.html file. (i.e.

    Is that what your looking for, or are you looking for how you would not show the actual page in the address bat regardless of which page the viewer is looking at? That could be done with lots of different things... most easily frame sets.

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    Macho 411
    well i seen it in a few sites that no matter where you the URL on the top remains to the root directory

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    Yeah, I've never done that myself, but I know that if you make the index file a frameset, and then load the pages being viewed into that, the URL displayed will always be the domain with no "sites/boob/jackson.html" after it, but the downside is you can't have people link to anything but the root directory, and you can't bookmark anything else, either.

    there's probably a different way of doing it in PHP or something, but I'm only about up to my toenails in that at this point... anyone else?

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    Macho 411
    WOW !!!
    cool thanks ill check it out...

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