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    Porn Flakes1

    new here


    I'm new here and just want to say hi and thanks Lee by giving me this URL.

    I'm 33 living in Montreal, start in this biz a year ago and i still suck at it hehe hope to get better soon hehe.

    Really hope that i will have the chance to learn more here.

    Cant wait to make more friends here and talk to you later guys

    Have a great day

    Porn Flakes

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    Welcome Porn Flakes!!!

    I loves that nick hehehehehe

    If there is anything specific you'd like to discuss, just know someone is here to help.

    We're a pretty laid back group here, unless someone spams then it's fuck all LOL


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    Porn Flakes1
    Thanks for the welcome Gary-Alan i apreciated that and me two i laugh when i taught of that name hehe thanks.

    If you have good links of Gay TGP that i can submit too will be great and btw i cant decide on what i should work more with, TGP submiting, AVS, Link list or something else?

    Anaway i dont have a lot to offer back but it will still be great for all the help i can get.


    Porn Flakes

    P.S. sorry for my english

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    Hello and Welcome....Tell me about your site and we can do a write up in Cybersocket for it ( ... Gary and Lee are two of the wonderful people you will meet in this business.... Give me a shout out if you need anything!
    xoxoxo Holly

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