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Thread: If You Could Change 1 Thing In The Industry What Would It Be?

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    If You Could Change 1 Thing In The Industry What Would It Be?

    Simple enough question and im pretty sure we have all thought to ourselves at some point 'why'.

    I think for me it would be the amount of dishonest webmasters in the adult industry, from all out scammers looking to rip other webmasters off to cheats who inflate traffic trades on a smaller scale.

    Overall i think the industry is heading in the right direction but for me the scammers have been more apparent in the last two or three years.. if there was a way to get rid of them tomorrow turst me i would do it

    So how about the rest of you?



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    easy: VISA

    I really wish there was more competition in the cc industry, visa has taken too many liberties and is only getting away with it due to its near monopoly in the cc industry, if there was about 5 companies that each had about the same market penetration things would be so much easier!



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    Bullshit sponsors is what I'd change.

    I'm tired of sponsors who don't answer e-mails or sponsors who will say anything to get you to sign up.

    I signed up with one sponsor who seemed to fit my niche nicely only to find out afterwards that he hasn't really done much with the niche I was interested in. He's focusing on another area. Well, why did you get me to sign up? I tried his banner and after a month of nothing, I dumped him.

    Another sponsor answered my e-mails, but always with a two-snaps-and-a-bag-of-chips-aren't-I-so-like-Jack-from-Will-&-Grace type of response. I hung on until I got my first cheque, cleared my balance owing to zero and dumped him.

    I through a fit here last week about this issues, mentioned some names, and suddenly got some action. Then after they get me calmed down, I'm back to getting no reply. And four other sponsors out there have never even bothered to answer me in the first place.

    Thankfully, I seemed to have hit three good sponsors in the last week. I've signed up for three new programs, and they all seem to be working with me. I've asked two of them for suggestions on how to sell their products on my sites, and they're replying. And the third I've asked to create some banners specific for my niche, which they are doing. (Thanks ... you know who you are.)

    But honest to Pete, what's with the flakey sponsors? Is it because there are so many flakey webmasters out there that sponsors don't want to waste their time until you prove yourself? And if that's the case, how do you prove you're not a flake?


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    Scammers, Spammers and CP

    Unfortunately neither can be changed because we are dealing with ethics and morality. It is one thing to ask if someone wants to do business with you, not to harass them like a car salesman. CP deals with the whole issue of mental sickness in our society and those that are willing to cater to it.

    Younger people always seems too, in the majority of people, be appealing. If I could change anything, I would gladly accept all the spam and scammers if I could alter what mankind finds attractive.

    Above CP is the whole borderline ""guess what age this model is??""

    What bothers me on other boards is - as long as they arent 16 then keep the pictures coming

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    only one thing? bad tours - sponsor site tours that look crappy, that are overornate, that know nothing about the niche.

    just today bosshawg released two more bbw sites with food all over the tours, even though those surfers don't care for that - it's just the designers discomfort with heavy women - and that shouldn't be reflected in the tour.

    tours should be designed for ONE thing - to sell what you have as well and as accurately as possible. dilf is a great tour - just complex enough, not over complex. it shows what the site offers, it has an exciting premise, it continues that premise throughout the tour - doesn't drop the ball and start talking about generic crap like other sites that go from a reality theme on one page to "thousands of pics, hundreds of movies, live feeds" blah blah blah.

    a good tour keeps the theme going. a good tour has text reflecting the niche and the actual site. a good tour neither overwhelms the surfer nor leaves him uninvolved.

    so that's my pet peeve, and the thing i'd like most to change in the industry.

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    I've only been involved in this industry for close to a year. I would certainly like to see higher quality sponsors and affiliates and less shit talkers. If I see/hear of another thread about my post count/bank account is bigger than yours therefore you are dirt, I'll scream. I'm sure I'll just have to get used to it or purchase those aroung me ear plugs. :bow:

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    Get rid of most of the French webmasters!!!! i'm not gonna make any friends but hey!!! I don't give a shit!!! I've had the hardest times with them! Got 10 French clients in 3 years.. all 10 of them gave me problems! so here is the one thing i would change for me

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