I'll start of one of my first posts on here with an easy tip that some people may have forgotten to do or can maximize their traffic better knowing so.

If you submit galleries which most people have done or are doing so, stick an .htaccess in the root folder. This will capture all surfers that try to type in incorrect urls on your domain or any dead links on your site.
This will forward the surfer to the root of your domain. Then on the root of your domain, put up a multi-site ad which is basically an ad avertising to multiple sites for the price of one or access to 'any of these sites' for the price of 1 dollar. Several sponsors have these programs in place (let me know if u need to know of a few I'm not gonna start spamming being so new the board).

Once you got that up, set up a popunder exit console with your favorite free ezine sponsor. There you go, this should add some dollars to your bottom line.

Maximize all your traffic people! Hope this helps, cheers.