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Thread: Check your Google and Yahoo

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    Big Grin Check your Google and Yahoo

    Google updated their index last night. 1 billion new pages and new rankings. New changes to their pagerank formula, as well. A massive update to their index.

    I've been studying my sites' placement all morning and late last night and must say I'm pretty happy!

    Also, check your Yahoo! placement. Yahoo! launched their brand new directory officially last night. But it's been slowing coming out over the last several days. They've dropped Google as their index provider and now Yahoo!'s results are entirely their own. So your positions in Yahoo! today will be 100% different than what they were in that index a week ago.

    MSN will be launching their new SE index shortly, as well.

    All of this competition bodes well as the major SEs will be spidering and updating their indexes like crazy to be able to have the most comprehensive one over the others.

    Fun stuff!! For those in to SEO or pursuing SE traffic, this week could very well be the biggest week in SE changes ever. :grin:

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    I'm such a dork. I got such a boner for this stuff haha.

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    Macho 411
    Originally posted by BDBionic
    I'm such a dork. I got such a boner for this stuff haha.
    You need help.....

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    maybe we should write up a 12 step program for him ...

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