Happy Thursday everyone....

Have been thinking about some of the conversations I've had recently with webmasters about what they're doing with they're international traffic, and about some of the topics that were raised during the Gay Marketing & Traffic seminar at the Toronto show.

In the time I've worked with TrafficDude managing DialerDude -- our gay-specific dialer affiliate program, I've come to realize that for many site owners, international traffic is an area that many people are just starting to recognize and look at. Our analysis has found that international traffic can make up a significant proportion of anyone's overall traffic -- including in the gay market. But, that it's one that most people don't always recognize.

So I'm wondering....what are all of your thoughts on gay international traffic? Are you looking at who your surfers are -- including internationally? Have you noticed a difference in how your gay international surfers behave versus domestic? And what do you think of the different ways that site owners might be able to monetize on that traffic?

I'd love to hear everyone's input...thanks