Herbal Bucks Introduces Cross-Sale Option & New Product For Women

MARLBORO, N.J. - Herbal Bucks (http://www.herbalbucks.com) has been working hard to make sure their affiliates get the most from their traffic. They have added more webmaster-friendly marketing options and revamped the affiliate stats area.

New cross-sale options mean more money for webmasters. Now instead of offering surfers a single product, affiliates have the chance to make multiple bottle sales across the entire Herbal Bucks product line. An improved stats area will allow affiliates to easily review their single, multiple bottle, and cross sales for every product. Also included are new tracking options for mail, phone, and fax orders.

Herbal Bucks celebrates these changes with a new revenue-generating product for webmasters to market -- the all-natural breast enlargement pill, New Contour (http://www.newcontour.com). The addition of New Contour introduces the first supplement for women to the Herbal Bucks product family. With regular payouts of up to $75 and special bonus days that allow you to make up to $135 per sale, Herbal Bucks webmasters now have another chance to make their wallets a lot fatter.

New Contour is a revolutionary product in the area of breast enlargement. It is an all-natural herbal supplement that has been designed to enlarge breasts without dangerous synthetic drugs or costly medical procedures. But what makes this product truly special is its unique formulation. The scientists at Herbal Technologies have studied female anatomy and physiology in order to develop a targeted mix of key nutritional supplements that will stimulate breast tissue development while maintaining overall breast health.

According to a May 2003 Nielsen/Net Ratings report, women over the age of 18 make up 52% of U.S. internet users with that number increasing steadily each year. As women begin to make up a larger percentage of the internet population, they open up a new market for online marketers and retailers. As the number of female surfers and ethnic surfers steadily increases, Herbal Bucks plans to continue to develop products that are marketed toward these growing internet sectors.

New Contour is a product that will convert from all types of traffic. Women will buy it for themselves and men will buy it for the women in their lives. It can be sold from both mainstream and adult traffic. If you already have an Herbal Bucks (http://www.herbalbucks.com) account, stop by and download the new marketing materials. Or, sign-up today and start making money with our herbal products for both men and women.

If there is anything we can do to help you make money with our unique products, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Monique "Afrekete" Woodard