... I was very impressed with Aranker, but I couldn't claim the same about the marketing of Aranker. And as a result, I offered to spread the word (and yes, I am paid to do so). But I'm sure like me, you'll rave about it once you order it. Here's an updated version of the review I published early this year.

Lately, I've taken a real hard look at programs that claim to help out with search engine rankings.

Included in this are the numerous Smart Page makers, Traffic Equalizer, and various scripts you've probably seen since Dimitri R. published "The Whole Truth About Rankings".

I've been most impressed with Traffic Equalizer because it provides content that the engines like to see, not just a keyword rich redirects like the Smart Page. Also, it's by far the easiest program to use...

... until now.

Dimitri R.offers you a new program called Aranker which (in my humble opinion) is going to dominate the market of search engine keyword optimizers -- creating Web pages specifically crafted to get search sites like Google and Yahoo to rank your Web page higher than your competitions'.

Today, I have over 50 Web sites dedicated to affiliate marketing. In the past, they all had been built with a combination of smart pages, Traffic Equalizer, and other similar Web software scripts. These are all changing to Aranker sites immediately.

There are many problems with these other programs, such as:

- Difficult to learn and understand...
- Strong knowledge of scripts and installing them...
- Countless hours of FTP'ing (uploading) files to your Web server...
- The need to change files on a periodic basis...
- Dead links when the scripts stop working...
- And the list goes on.

Dimitri apparently recognized these problems and set out to simplify the process while including the BEST parts of each of the technologies, thus creating a hybrid traffic generating system that's more powerful than the others while at the same time being so simple even a newbie can use it.

The script comes with 3 files that you simply upload to your server. This takes 5 seconds max. Finally, you set "permissions" to CHMOD these files to 755, which is simple (all FTP programs have this functionality built into them). After that, your Web pages are optimized and ready to be scanned by search engine robots.

Ready. Set. Optimize...
Once you've spent the 5 seconds installing this script, you are ready to use it!

You go to the main URL for the script (which is specified in the documentation), type in a password, and then follow the nicely designed wizard to create literally as many search engine rich pages as you want.

There are 2 key points I need to make here:

1. All of the pages are created ON YOUR SERVER. This eliminates the need for uploading anything. Heck, you can create site after site without spending time uploading 10,000 pages after each site creation.

2. The secret key to this whole program is dynamically generated content. Because these pages use dynamic content, the search engines will see something new and fresh each time they spider your site. This means better search engine rankings! The other programs cannot claim this without putting in work, time, and effort to get them going.

I mentioned dynamic content, but did I mention this dynamic content will allow you to be PAID? It's true. Dimitri added 2 pay-per-click search engines to the script that not only change your pages dynamically, but allows you to be paid!

This program LITERALLY pays for itself!

Ok, so I'm excited, can you blame me? Dimitri made getting traffic easy, profitable, and fun.

Questions to ask yourself...

Is the product geared toward the novice, intermediate, or advanced user?
Anyone who understands how to use FTP can use this script within 1 minute of purchasing it. I would say 90% of all newbie's can effectively use this.

Value in terms of price
At $97, this is a steal. Personally, I feel like this should be sold for $297.

Content usability. Can this really help your marketing efforts? If traffic from the search engines and an additional revenue stream for your business are important to you, then you MUST own this application. Yes, this really will help your marketing efforts.

Customer support
Based on our experience with the author/company, we will let you know of our personal experience. Dimitri has been very responsive to all emails.

Value in the marketplace
Is the idea behind this product sound? I have not stood behind another product as strongly as I stand behind this one. You see, this program can and should be used by any webmaster wanting to increase traffic to his website. This program is not niche specific.

The bottom line...

My vote: 10 out of a possible 10

If you've got a Web site and you're looking for a quick and easy way to optimise your Web pages in about 7 minutes (even less if you're an internet marketing guru), you might consider trying Aranker.