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Thread: Ambert Alert Law affecting adult webmasters

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    Ambert Alert Law affecting adult webmasters

    Is anyone redoing their tours today to reflect the new law??

    I've NEVER put anything explicit on any of my site tours -- thank goodness -- but there must be 30 million sites that need to make changes.

    I have also noticed an alarming number of websites not in compliance with 18 USC 2257 and the new changes that were made in the law.

    I just wonder how people can get into this industry and not follow the laws ..

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    Digital Mojo1
    Yes, I am changing my website to comply with the new law. I'm sure I'll have plenty of bitchy surfers crabbing at me about it, but I am aware of the new bill that has been passed although I cannot remember what it is called. I had an article bookmarked somewhere.

    I can't promise that changes will be implemented TODAY but it will certainly happen very soon.


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    If they bitch, tell them why

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    I am wondering if putting a statement like:
    "this website is not owned or operated within the USA"
    would get you around all these laws?

    Or maybe a southpark style warning:
    "this website should not be viewed by anyone!"

    Any legal types around here?


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    Digital Mojo1

    Actually, my "special hardcore" IS hosted on foreign servers. Everything else is hosted on my own server which I built myself and have humming rather happily on the rack in the other room.


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