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Thread: Any of you promote "Straight" male sites?

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    Any of you promote "Straight" male sites?

    are there any sites where the theme of the site is that the guys are straight and not gay?

    If so how do you go about doing it? I mean do you just do a bunch of guys solo (no m2m content) and just write up fake stories and say theyre straight?

    Do you think surfers would be too savvy and say "these guys arent really straight", or do you think they'd buy it?

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    How is it going?

    I say do it! I had a similar site years ago called Jake’s Amateur Men (JAM). It started with “straight” looking content I had acquired. I wrote the site that these were straight guys posing for a gay man. The surfers loved it.

    I do suggest that you use “straight guy” sponsors like Straight College Men (who btw are sponsors this month, you can find their icon link below). I have a few more I can’t remember off hand, but if you shoot me an email I’ll find them if you’re interested.

    Also, be sure to add at least one “for woman” sponsor site some where on their. If you’re picked up in the SE’s you’ll no doubt find a female surfer base.

    As for the surfers who don’t think your site has straight guys, at least you provided them with a good sponsor site they can buy from LOL They don’t like what you got the can buy what they want!

    My two cents!


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